The GoCouncil Vision

GoCouncil was formed with the vision of making interactions between Local Government and the community transparant, quick and easy. This vision is realised within the GoCouncil portal.

The community services provided by Local Government are many and varied and historically, this has involved a lot of paper and time for both Councils and community members. In today's world, as more and more services move online, an opportunity exists to save both councils and council customers time and effort in conducting the business of lodging a building consent, paying their rates, licencing their dogs or making a service request.

The GoCouncil online portal meets this opportunity by providing a single sign-on portal that creates a cost-effective, online front-end for councils to interact with their customers.

The GoCouncil portal has an intuitive user interface, opt-in notifications and a range of functionality that councils can choose from as required. This means that councils can effectively service their customers while not paying for any functionality that they don't need, saving rate-payer money in the process.

GoCouncil has a vision of creating a portal that is cost effective, user friendly and adds value to the relationship between councils and community.

This is what we call 'Council as a Service'.